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"the 'servingxml' tool looks pretty good..."

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"Converting various text formats to XML is a common problem...I would suggest looking at the ServingXML toolkit first."

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"By the way servingxml is another very valuable project if you're ever dealing with legacy systems for ETL etc."



"Ok, I love flat files...ServingXML does a whole lot more, but the flat file bits are the bits that thrill me."

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"ServingXML est effectivement un framework puissant et il a été retenu dans mon projet car c'est un des rares à avoir réussi à parser les formats qui m'ont été soumis."

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"Java...Spring...Hibernate...jBpm...ServingXML come mapper di trasformazione da formato proprietario e formato UBL..."

Una esperienza di uso di UBL nell’ambito della distribuzione


"We use JBoss ESB as the core messaging engine, EDIReader as EDIFACT to XML converter, ServingXML as customer flat file to XML converter..."

Babelgom EDI and e-invoice Software-as-a-Service


"Currently the best opensource option appears to be :"

bungeni-portal Google project


"ServingXML is a very good opensource framework for data flat/XML transformations."

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"Servingxml library is also worth looking at, compared to Altova and Stylus it is FOC. It is able to parse EDI to XML and back, by chaining the steps together."



"SAX filters are pretty well established now, but what Serving XML brings to the table is a simple XML based language for describing the pipeline, that includes features such as various content sinks - want your XML serialized to a file on an FTP server? Use the ftpSink."

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"Seule le projet Serving XML, actuellement en version 0.2.0 daté du 11 avril 2005 elle aussi, semble determiné a avancé."



"This definitely looks like a good candidate for a ServiceMix Service Engine :)"

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"...a very interesting project to end all other text transformers."

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