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"The support you provide is absolutely incredible!"

Mathieu Pasture


"I would like to congradulate you for this wonderful framework for flat file and XML data transformation. I have downloaded the source and tried out some mappings and it is really good."

Balamurali Srinivasan


"I've been struggling with Oracle's Interconnect for a few months, and a couple of weeks ago decided it wasn't for us...Then, yesterday, I stumbled across Serving XML. Having knocked up a test rig this morning, and got it working - even with my limited java skills - it looks like it does exactly what I need. Fantastic."

Robin Keith


"I have plenty of work converting our current translator framework to using ServingXML. Everyone here who has seen its capabilities and ease of use agrees it's the translator to use."



"thanks for writing this framework! We had previously been coding marshalers/unmarshalers for flatfile data from scratch. Things are much more manageable since swapping to ServingXML."

Derek Adams


"ServingXML is really a great piece of software. I use it for a project where I scan flat files, convert them in XML files and insert them in XML databases. ...This tool is really awesome."

Nicolas Legeay


"We use ServingXML for data transformation primarily in the areas of flat/XML conversions. It plugs into our server called AppTalk(tm), which provides a robust platform for business integration (based on JBI)...We think that ServingXML is a great open source framework for flat/XML data transformations and thank you for such a great work!"



"This is an amazing product. Learning curve is a little steep but once you are there wow!!!! Great job."

James P. Moring


"Thank you for the great tool! I have tried a number of works out there, but so far this is superior to anything else."



"Thank you very much for writing this software. It is very flexible and full featured. I am using it in a production environment and it has saved me much time and effort."

Charles Wyble


"Thanks again for your top-notch support and this wonderful product. You've saved me a lot of time."

Jim Neff


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Luca Buraggi


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Dan Mace


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Lance Zant


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Akhil S. Srinivasan


"I cannot begin to tell you how useful this utility is. It has saved me many hours of coding my own."

Dimitrios Varsos


"Thanks again for this great framework. It's apparently turning into my goal to find something in flat file conversion that will break you."



"Thanks for all your hard work - I love your library, it is saving me an enormous amount of time and effort at converting csv files to soap messages."



"Thanks for the great work. Worth every penny!"

Anonymous donor


"Mate srl - Italy supports this project. ServingXML is a very good tool"

Luca Buraggi (Project Donor)


"[ServingXML] has a wide range of examples and I was able to do quite a lot of stuff on my second day. This is really a very cool tool."

Sajeev Nair


"Wow...5 star service!"



"Thanks for your great support and valuable framework!"

Wonne Keysers


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